Huggies<sup>®</sup> Pure Extra Care Wipes product packaging.

Huggies® Pure Extra Care

Made with 99% pure water and your precious newborn’s skin in mind. Huggies® Pure Extra Care is our most caring wipe for delicate skin.

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Huggies<sup>®</sup> Natural Care Extra Care Wipes product packaging.

Huggies® Natural Care Extra Care

With Aloe Vera. Huggies® Extra Care is our thickest wipe ever.

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Huggies<sup>®</sup> Pure Wipes product packaging.

Huggies® Pure

Huggies® Pure, made with 99% pure water skin loving natural fibres, gently clean and protect baby’s delicate skin.

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Your hugs inspire ours

There is no moment in the day more perfect and special than when you have a skin to skin hug with your precious baby. At Huggies® we believe there is nothing more gentle to skin than a parent’s hug, that’s why we’ve been inspired to make our products as loving and caring to baby’s delicate skin too.

Made with skin-loving natural fibres.

Your hugs provide love, care and security and so do our wipes. Huggies® Baby Wipes, made with skin loving natural fibres, gently clean and protect baby’s delicate skin. Our wipes lovingly care for baby’s skin and are safe to use on your little one from Day 1. Huggies® is recognised by the British Skin Foundation.

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Why Huggies Wipes?

  • Made with skin loving natural fibres
  • Gently clean and protect baby’s delicate skin
  • Safe for newborns from the very first day
  • Recognised by The British Skin Foundation

What is the best skin care routine for my baby?

Keeping your baby clean

Nothing is more precious and pure as your baby’s skin. The soft feel and newborn smell of your baby’s skin is something we know parents want to protect. That’s why our wipes are made with pure water & skin loving natural fibres, to love and care for their delicate skin as much as you do.

Woman and sleeping baby enjoying a peaceful moment in bed.

Ensure your wipes are absorbent

A wipe needs to be able to clean every inch of your baby, so they feel fresh and protected. You should expect a longer-lasting clean feeling, with just one wipe. Huggies® wipes are durable and absorbent, gently cleaning and protecting baby's skin From Day 1.

Preventing nappy rash

Although nappy rash is normal, it can cause a significant amount of discomfort and there are simple steps you can take to avoid it.

1. Try to change wet nappies as soon as possible.
2. After you have cleaned up, ensure your baby is dry before putting a clean nappy on.
3. Allow plenty of naked time to give baby’s bottom to breathe.

Regular use of Huggies® Baby Wipes after every nappy change can help to minimise the risk, ensuring your baby can comfortably discover all the joys life has to offer.

Hugging is a powerful tool. It releases oxytocin (’the love hormone’) which has a relaxing effect on both mum and baby, meaning that you both get a big feel-good boost from it.

Gayle Berry, baby massage expert

Your hugs inspire ours

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