Huggies® Frozen Wipes

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Wipes Feature High Gentlenaturalfibres Wipes Feature Safeforhands Wipes Feature No Alc

When you're a little one, every day is a new chance to go out and play! And if you're a parent of a little one, it's one of the biggest joys of life to see them run about and have fun.

Naturally, this busy routine means a lot of messes, and it can be tricky getting them to stand still long enough to wipe away a smudge on their cheek, or a grass stain on their hands. You'll need a wipe that will be your companion in after-play clean-up.

That's where Huggies® Frozen Special Edition Wipes come into play. Made using gentle natural fibres, they are super absorbent and make quick work of messes so that you can keep going.

Hypoallergenic and clinically tested, they are completely free from alcohol, phenoxyethanol and parabens, safe for hands and face.

Huggies® Frozen Special Edition Wipes combine the excitement of your childrens favourite characters with the gentle caring of Huggies®, letting you focus on playing with your little one, and make cleaning up afterward a worry-free experience.

British Skin Foundation recognizes Huggies® research into healthy skin.

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