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What You Can Do To Help The Huggies® Tiniest Footprint™ Campaign

Next year, in 2021, all our baby wipes packaging will be recyclable along with plastic bags. Within 5 years (or sooner if we can), our baby wipes will be 100% plastic-free and all our packaging will be able to go in your home recycling bin. And there’s more we can all do to help along the way.

To join us, take these #ThreeTinySteps to reduce how much plastic from baby wipes end up in the natural environment.

What the do not flush symbol looks like on Huggies Wipes

Never flush your baby wipes

At the moment, no baby wipes are designed to be flushed. That means if you do flush them, they can clog up pipes and can end up in our oceans without ever breaking down.

You can help by never flushing any baby wipes down the toilet. Always put them in the bin so that they can be contained and disposed of responsibly.

  • Look out for the ‘Do Not Flush’ symbol.
  • Never flush any baby wipes – throw them in the bin instead.
  • Spread the word that baby wipes should not be flushed.

Recycle packaging wherever you can

We’re working hard to ensure that by 2020, all Huggies® Baby Wipes packaging will be recyclable.

What the do not flush symbol looks like on Huggies Wipes

Baby wipes pack

Not yet recycled symbol

Not yet recycled, put in your refuse bin

Baby wipes Multipack plastic bag

Baby wipes multipack plastic bag

Recycle with bags at larger stores

Recycle with carrier bags at most large supermarkets

Baby wipes cardboard box

Baby wipes cardboard box

Widely Recycled

Widely recycled, put in your home recycling bin

Huggies® Baby Wipes can help you save 63 plastic bottles a year.

Switch to Huggies® Baby Wipes today to reduce your plastic use

By choosing Huggies® Baby Wipes*, you can reduce your plastic footprint by the equivalent of 63 plastic bottles* a year. That’s because our wipes contain up to 50% less plastic than other leading brands.

Our wipes already contain up to 67% skin-loving, natural fibres and we’re committed to making them 100% plastic-free as soon as we can.

  • Switch to Huggies® Baby Wipes for your baby’s skincare

*Based on 500ml sized bottles